Sex Blogger to Apologize to National University of Singapore (NUS)

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TAN: Will apologize to NUS solely because he wants to return and finish his law studies there, although he has no intentions of becoming a lawyer.TAN: Will apologize to NUS solely because he wants to return and finish his law studies there, although he has no intentions of becoming a lawyer.

PETALING JAYA: Vlogger (video blogger) Alvin Tan Jye Yee yesterday said he will apologize for the explicit videos and pictures he had posted online, but only to the National University of Singapore (NUS) where he is reading law on an Asean Undergraduate Scholarship.

Tan told The Malay Mail yesterday that although he had no intention of practising law, he still hoped to return to NUS and complete his studies.

At the same time, Tan clarified a Facebook post claiming the university's Board of Discipline served as both the prosecution and judge in such matters.

"I'm not saying that they will give me an unfair hearing. I'm just telling the public that this should be taken into consideration when the outcome is announced," he said.

Tan had also learnt that two out of the five board members were from among his peers, selected from the Student Council.

"They are unqualified and ill-equipped to decide on such matters. In a way, I feel a little insulted that they (the university) have treated this with such triviality," he said.

Although he did not anticipate a severe disciplinary action, Tan said he would apologise to the university in order to maintain his position and scholarship.

"If the university wanted to take drastic measures, they would have done so already.

"On the other hand, if I keep being unrepentant, I will be dealt with a harsher punishment.

"Of course, I intend to keep my scholarship and place in the university, so I will apologise to the university," said Tan, who hoped to go back and finish his studies although he had no intention of becoming a lawyer.

As such, he felt that the controversy surroounding him would not affect his future job prospects.

He also responded to criticism from MCA Youth chief Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, who said the couple "are free to sing but not in the middle of the night as they would make a nuisance of themselves."

Tan said he and his partner Vivian Lee had been "singing in a secluded place" and were not to blame "if a passer-by happened upon them."

"Although what we do is public, it is not readily available. People are deliberately looking for it," he said in reference to the couple's vlog "Sumptuous Erotica" which they had since taken down due to parental pressure.

Tan also clarified a recent statement regarding his admiration for MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

"I don't look up to him for his sexual prowess. What is refreshing about Dr Chua is when his scandal erupted, he stood up and admitted to the media that 'I was the man in the video'. He's so forthright and no-nonsense," said Tan, who added that such characteristics were lacking in Malaysian politics.

On his financial situation, Tan said his online business was earning him enough for a single young man to get by and had some funds saved up from investments he had made.

Regarding his future with Lee, Tan said although her mother had demanded that the couple wed, his family shared his stance on the matter.

"Marriage is not in the cards right now. It will not happen anytime soon. I think my family's take on this is the same as mine," he said.

He added that his family also seemed to be gradually coming to grips with the situation after seeing how he was handling it. Tan said Malaysians should not possess a herd mentality.

"You have to listen to your heart. We have to eliminate this conformist attitude."

Students should not breach code of conduct, says NUS

ALL NUS students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and should not be associated with offensive behaviour.

An NUS spokesman told The Malay Mail that any student found in breach of the university's code of student conduct would be disciplined.

The spokesman was responding to queries regarding the controversial Malaysian sex blogger Alvin Tan Jye Yee, who is on a leave of absence from the university and is not receiving any scholarship funds.

Tan had garnered media attention in both Malaysia and Singapore after he posted videos and pictures of himself and his girlfriend, fellow Malaysian Vivian Lee, performing sex acts on each other.

"The university does not condone posting of offensive content online by any member of the NUS community," the spokesman said.

He said the university had an established procedure to review cases of student misconduct.

The spokesman said disciplinary proceedings had been initiated and that Tan had been served a notice from the board of discipline (BOD).

Tan had also informed the university that he would attend the disciplinary hearing.

"The BOD will look into the matter and take appropriate disciplinary actions. The student concerned has also been advised to take down the offensive posts," said the spokesman.

He said due process should be allowed to take place.

- The Malay Mail


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