Teen pregnant by swimming in pool says Mom

Wednesday, December 05, 2012 by

Summer and pools, what a great combination! As parents, we make sure our kids are prepared with swim lessons, life jackets, arm floats, even swim noodles to let them safely enjoy playing in the pool. We teach them to never swim alone, don’t run by the pool and to always jump in feet first.

Even then, we never let them leave our sight because every parent knows it only take a second for a kid to slip or get hurt or even get too tired and so we worry. And now, according to Magdalena Kwiatkowska we should also be worrying that pools could cause pregnancy!

The Kwiatkowska’s were on a Holiday (from Poland) at an Egyptian hotel where Mrs. Kwiatkowska is sure her 13 year old daughter became impregnated from swimming in the pool! A travel industry source told The Sun "The mother is adamant that her daughter didn't meet any boys while she was there. She is determined to go ahead with the case."

Not sure how this is going to go down in court: a sample from the hotels pool showing no sperm,  a surveillance video showing the girl did indeed meet a boy while there or a simple test proving sperm can’t live in chlorine! Pregnant at 13 and if that isn’t enough, she has her Mom looking like some kind of nut!


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