Pelbagai beg masa depan

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We will watch this topic 10 seats are still under an innovative design pops up in the near future, but it's not just bags to carry things only. Has been designed to work and other functions more than just carry things!
Handbag scooters NEXUS switcase / scooter
Electric powered and served in the airport instead of carrying the bag, walking long distances, it is possible to carry weights up to 110 kilograms.
Backpack Smart Smart bag
Similar in conception and design of the bag first NEXUS, but for children and young people in schools to reduce the loads on their backs, and instead carried on the back can be converted to Scooter riding baby!

Portfolio of work with Scooter Business Scooter Bag
Seems to be a bag associated with the scooter on the mind of a tyrant with the designer But this bag used in business and mobility within the company, which is a Samsonit bag with large capacity scooters.
Folding bike Suitcase Folding Bicycle
You can collapse the bike and carry your bag with you to any place and at the fatigue of jaw walk, ride a bike , Which is of non-rubber tires so that Atthagb and empty air.

Bag solar energy Solar Rucksack
Often presented from walking in places icy or practice sport climbing glaciers of death (if missing), and as a result of low temperatures.
But with this bag Feltensy you're in the Arctic Because it is a bag with solar panels shipped ray Alhes and store, and out later on the body temperature that preserves the body of the portable freezing!
Handbag Holy Chair Suitcase
Enable the owner of the bag sitting on them after dismantling the fold when he feels tired to stand long, and it seems that the picture was actually doing a handbag used in the workplace and companies.
Handbag bike The Suitcase Bike
Very similar in the design of the bike folded, but they are characterized as smooth as in the design and ease of folding and jaw, and is manufactured in China. A prototype under development has been exhibited previously at the Canton Fair in China.

Folding chair backpack The Rolling Knapsack Chair
Carrying a suitcase on the back and can decode folded and sitting on the chair thereto. Used in the safari and places Altejem and travel trips, and put the food hot and cold, and carrying 300 pounds of weights
Price 80 dollars

Portfolio children Motorised Suitcase Concept
I did not understand carefully designed not to be him, but according to the source it pulls children bag manually and a small ventilation hole and the quality of the air filter for the child to breathe pure oxygen, and even infectious diseases Ailtqt child from his mother time to break out
Handbag Ladies UrbanTroll
Handbag carried by women and establish the Cosmetics and others, and can be converted to a bag to carry heavy things and been behind his back.


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